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Altitude 5000m Hike

6 Days Professional Sichuan Nama Peak Climbing Tour

To make a summit to a 5588-meter’s mountain in Minya Konka Range within a week from Chengdu, this expedition provides you opportunity to climb a non-technical 5500+ meters mountain while enjoying a well-paced mountain experience....
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This Name Feng (Mt. Nama) is a 5588 meters’ mountain west to Mount Gongga and it is located inside the heartland of Gonggashan Region.


Day 1: Chengdu – Caoke – Tsemed Village

Day 2 :Tsemed Village – Nama Feng Base Camp

Day 3: Nama Feng Base Camp–Nama Feng Camp

Day 4 : Nama Feng Camp 1–Nama Feng Summit–Nama Feng Base Camp

Day 5 :Nama Feng Base Camp–Tsemed Village

Day 6: Tsemed Village–Caoke–Chengdu


image006Day 1: Chengduimage008Caokeimage008Tsemed Village

image011Overnight :at Tsemed Village local Guesthouse

image013Elevation :Tsemed Village at 3400m

Today starts early from Chengdu in the morning and drive via Ya’an and into the mountains at Shimian. The drive will take about 5 hours and you will arrive at Caoke for lunch. After Caoke you will have internet loss and from the road end, you will start to walk. The walking is about 4-5 hours to cover a total of 17km. The latter part of the walking can be replaced by a car ride before arriving in the village.


image006Day 2 :Tsemed Villageimage022Nama Feng Base Camp

image023Overnight :camping

image013Elevation : 4050m

This is the second day of acclimatization of your expedition to Nama Feng. You will walk from Tsemed Village to Nama Feng Base Camp following the trail from the valley into the forest and will make a stop at Gongga Gompa (Gongga Monastery), where you will have a break before you continue on walking into the bigger valley where you can see Mount Gongga itself. The trail is by the side of a changing stream. You may need to cross the river several times especially during the monsoon seasons. The trail will fade at a spacious prairie where you will set up your base camp. It is by the foot of Mount Gongga at the elevation of 4050m. Total walking for about 6 -7 hours to cover a total of 13km.


image006Day 3: Nama Feng Base Campimage017Nama Feng Camp 1

image023Overnight: camping

image013Elevation : 4700m

Today is another day of acclimatization. You will walk from base camp to camp 1 within a day. The walking is quite short to cover only 5km but it is very steep. The ascent is from 4050m to 4700m. You can have a late start and will still arrive at camp 1 early in the afternoon. You will be able to see Mount Gongga and Nama Feng for today. After arrival at camp 1, you will be guided through the simple course of ascending and descending with Jumar and eight ring, skills on how to use your straight ice axe, helmet, etc. After this, a simple dinner and rest early to prepare for tomorrow.


image026Day 4 : Nama Feng Camp 1image027Nama Feng Summitimage027Nama Feng Base Camp

image023Overnight: camping


Today is the day you will make the summit. Get up early by 2.30 in the morning and have a basic breakfast before gear up with your harness, helmet, ice axe and check your necessary personal gears including sunglasses, water bottle, sunproof, crampons and boots. The walk is from 4700 meters to the scree slopes until 5000 meters. This part you will also be guided so you can rest assured that the walking is on safe ground. After the screes it is the snow part where you will wear your crampons and start to use your harness. The walking on the snow will start by a steep ascent for about 150 meters and after that it is less steep where you will be walking by yourself. Normally it is by 10.00 that you should finish your walking up and start to go back. Normally the summit takes about 6 hours. The walking down also needs to be careful while passing the steep icy part. After coming back to Camp 1, rest and repack and go down to base camp. Today the total walking is about 10-12 hours. Trekking 11km/ 7-8 hours


image006Day 5 :Nama Feng Base Campimage017Tsemed Village

image023Overnight: Tsemed Village at local Guesthouse

image013Elevation :3400m

Today is a leisure day walking back to Tsemed Village from Nama Feng Base Camp. It is normally done in a faster pace as it is going down. While passing Gongga Gompa, you can go inside to have a look if it is available. Arrive in Tsemed Village and rest, repack.


image006Day 6: Tsemed Villageimage008Caokeimage008Chengdu

Today you will start by a car ride to Bawang Lake and from there to walk the 7km part of trail to catch your car at the road end and drive all the way back to Chengdu.


Price include:

Licensed Vehicle with experienced driver

Airport (or train)pick up and drop off

Accommodation listed in the itinerary

Breakfast provided by the hotel

Tourists Accident/Casualty Insurance

All taxes, fees and handling charges

Lodging and meal allowance to the guide & driver

2 bottles of drinking water per person per day

Price Exclude:

Meals not specified in the itinerary (All lunches & dinners)

All Entrance tickets to the sightseeing places

Flight/Trian tickets in and out of Tibet

Personal expenses such as laundry, drink, fax, telephone call, optional tour activities, etc.

Any losses incurred from the force majeure factor like government control, natural disaster etc.

Tips to the guide & driver ( Tips is not required but expected)

Single room supplement