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Altitude 5000m Hike

7 Days Mount Banji Professional Small Group Climbing

Banji North is connected to Banji Peak via an airy knife-ridge. The north face is an impressive rock face approx. 800 m high that has yet to be climbed....
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We attempted the face in Jan 2006 but completed less than a third of the wall, we had seriously underestimated the difficulty of the climbing and the time needed for a successful ascent. We spent three days on the walk in and the next two days climbing the wall. On the third day, after topping out, we rappelled down and walked back to base camp. We walked out the following day for a total of 7 days start to finish.

D1: Chengdu—Dujiangyan—The epicenter —Yingxiu—Wenchuan– Taoping Qiang Village—Yubao Tibetan village—Li County- Bipenggou-shanghaizi-reception (BC).

D2:Adaption Day

D3: Shanghaizi Base Camp——C1 Cam

D4: C1——C2

D5: C2-the summit-C2-C1,

D6: C1- enjoy hot spring

D7: Drive to Chengdu for home.


image006D1: Chengduimage008Dujiangyanimage008The epicenterimage008Yingxiuimage008Wenchuanimage008Taoping Qiang Villageimage008Yubao Tibetan villageimage008Li County- Bipenggou-shanghaizi-reception (BC).

image014Altitude of BC: 3570 meters

image016Accommodation:Base camp in Shanghaizi reception



image021D2:Adaption Day

image014Altitude of BC: 3800 meters

image016Accommodation:Base camp in Shanghaizi reception


Adapt to the environment of BC, communicate and be familiar with each other, learn and practice things such like the equipment use, knot and use the rope, walk on the ice, rise and down with a rope, pass the anchor, fallen braking, walk in group, and a variety of rescue systems. In the afternoon we will have a walk along the step road to Zhuoma Lake, and then return. The walking will be about 2 kilometers.


image006D3: Shanghaizi Base Campimage027C1 Camp

image014Altitude : C1 4400m



When setting out, each team member will have a porter, (the ratio is one to one, and will be the same in return), and traveling light with a guide. Arrive C1 at about two o’clock in the afternoon, then have a break, then have another training to help team member further grasp climbing skills.


image006D4: C1image027C2




Pick up camp after breakfast, set off for C2 with light packs of one’s technical equipment and food (need not carry camp, climbing rope or other shared supplies.) we will led by the high elevation guide. We will arrive C2 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. It is a perfect place for snowberg climbing training near C2. We will start training after C2 is established. The training is most about ice walking, group walking, fallen braking, rising and down with rope, and pass the anchor (belay station), then under the lead of high elevation guide, we will observe the climbing route, and get familiar with difficult and dangerous terrains to have plan in mind.


image006D5: C2image027the summitimage027C2image027C1,

image014Altitude :5430 meters



When to set out will depend on the weather, if the weather cooperate, we will get up at 4 o’clock in the morning, check equipment, have breakfast, bring food, canteen, and set out in group with guide and assistant. Then we will emphasize the skill caution again, and make sure everybody is physically suitable for this day’s climbing, then is the summit climbing. The closing time for arriving is 2 o’clock in the afternoon, after arrive at the summit, we will return C2 along the same way. If physical condition is well, we will make a further descent to C1.


image044D6: C1image027enjoy hot spring

image014Altitude :5430 meters



Pick up camp after breakfast, return BC from C1, then lunch, have a rest, and there is hot spring in the evening, later there will be Khatags offering, and in the last is a celebration for the happy ending of our climbing.


image006D7: image053Chengdu for home.