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How Tibetan Tourism Deals with Highland Response
Dec 05, 2018

Psychological preparation is necessary, so we need to have good psychological quality. Keep in mind that don't keep thinking about high altitude reactions. If it is too tense, it is likely that hypoxia will occur and altitude reaction will occur more easily. Just after entering Tibet, let's not rush to play, we have to rest first. After enough rest, our fatigue will dissipate. Energetic play is the best condition. In order to cope with the high altitude reaction better, it is better not to let oneself catch a cold during arrival in Tibet. Cold can easily lead to physical weakness and reduce the body's resistance. Preparing anti-altitude drugs is the most important. It's better not to drink alcohol during taking drugs, so as to ensure the efficacy of drugs. We should also pay attention to reducing the consumption of food with high greasy and difficult digestion, pay attention to dietary hygiene, and do not overeat.

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