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Important equipment for hiking
Dec 05, 2018


One of the most important equipment for hikers: backpacks

The size of the backpack depends on the distance of the travel route. Generally, it is about 30 liters around the city. When choosing to buy a backpack, we must repeat the backpack test (preferably with a load test) and consult the salesman with relevant technology for the correct use of the backpack, otherwise we will not be able to reduce the load and even the burden when traveling. Fabrics should be strong and slightly rain-proof. When purchasing a backpack, don't forget to buy a backpack rain-proof cover at the same time if it doesn't have a self-contained rain-proof cover.


Two of the most important equipment for hikers: shoes

Shoes and backpacks are called the most important equipment for hikers, because the quality of shoes will directly affect your personal safety. You must choose a good pair of climbing shoes. Hiking shoes are best in Gaobang. They can protect your ankles and bones. People can easily injure their ankles when they are hiking for a long time.

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