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Purpose of Tourism
Dec 05, 2018

Enjoyment: Tourism is a kind of high-level spiritual enjoyment, which is a pursuit appetite after the material living conditions are basically satisfied. One sociologist said that there are three psychological aspects of tourists: novelty seeking, knowledge seeking and pleasure seeking. This is the commonness of tourists'psychology. Tourists come thousands of miles to appreciate the new scenery and life in different places, and to acquire knowledge and happiness which are not easy to get in different places.

Knowledge: Tourism brings us a lot of insights, enhances the understanding of various places, and enriches human knowledge. This is the essence of tourism!

Willfulness: Travel brings you the will of the soul, which will make your thinking and mood develop to the extreme of excitement and happiness.

Recreational: Recently, the high-speed operation of the frequency of life and work makes people feel more and more pressure of life, so they need to relax on some holidays, to enjoy the sunshine, beach, sea, blue sky, white clouds in coastal cities.