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6 Days Muli to Lugu Lake Custom Road Trip

Sitting at 2690m, Lugu Lake is surrounded by lushly forested slopes. Ascent to the Lake, you need to walk through a spectacular switchback road and the first sight of the 50-square-kilometer body of water will take your breath away....
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With a history of 100 years, Walking Marriage Bridge is the only bridge on the lake, locating in the Caohai area. It is made of the wood with the overall length more than 300 meters. Situated at the north of Lugu Lake, the Lige Peninsula is surrounded by water. In the early morning, tourists can enjoy the beautiful mist on the Lake from Lige Village which links to the peninsula with a 2-meter-wide road. Most beautiful panorama photos of Lugu Lake is taken from the top of the mountain behind Lige Village. Then you can head for Liwubi Island, the largest island in Lugu Lake by the “pig troughs” ship, and experience the unique Mosuo's cultures.


Day 1: Chengdu-Xichang County (435km,8 hours drive)

Day 2:Xichang--Muli-Yanyuan( 254km,6 hours drive)

Day 3 :Yanyuan-Long Lake

Day 4: Long Lake-Muli Grand Monastery

Day 5:Yanyuan County-Lugu Lake (280km)

Day 6: Lugu Lake-Yanyuan-Xichang-Chengdu


image006Day 1: Chengduimage008Xichang County (435km,8 hours drive)

image010Overnight :Xichang Hotel


Today after breakfast, we will head to Xichang, the capital county of Liangshan and the biggest place of the Yi people living in.After a long journey today,we will check in the hotel and rest.


image006Day 2:Xichang--Muli-Yanyuan( 254km,6 hours drive)

image010Overnight :Yanyuan Guest House


After breakfast drive to Yanyuan,visit the Gongmu Mountain there.Yanyuan Gongmu Mountain is famous for its unique Gongmu stones. Cross over the three mountains on the way, don't fall asleep in the car! The scenery along the way is an important part of the trip. Take dinner at the hotel.


image006Day 3 :Yanyuanimage008Long Lake

image010Overnight :Camping in Long Lake


After breakfast to Changhai (Long Lake). The barrier lake surrounded with natural pasture is due to volcanism. In June and July, this place is covered by flowers. Walk northward for 2 kilometers, the three peaks of Xianuoduoji (5958 m), Yangmaiyong (5958 m)and Xiannairi(6032 m)appear in front of you.


image006Day 4: Long Lakeimage008Muli Grand Monastery

image010Overnight : Muli Grand Monastery Guest House


Today we drive to the Muli Grand Monastery.The Kangwu Monastery nearby Changhai is the third one of the three big monasteries of Muli. The large pictures taken by Rock preserved in this temple are worth a look. The three monasteries of Muli built in the 17th century were praised as “real jewel box” by Rock. Among them, “the Muli Grand Monastery is composed of 340 rooms and halls; there are 700 monks in the temple. The secondly important monastery is Waerzhai 18 kilometers to the north of Muli with 270 monks. The third monastery is Kangwu 25 kilometers to the southeast of Muli with 300 monks. Muli King with his government lived one year in turn in the three monasteries.”The original Muli Grand Monastery had been completely destroyed. overnight at the guesthouse.


image023Day 5:Yanyuan Countyimage024Lugu Lake (280km)

image031Overnight :Lugu Lake Guest House


After breakfast at the hotel around 7:30am and we will set off to Lugu Lake. we will head to the Lover Bridge, the world's longest man-made traditional wooden bridge crossing over 300-meters Grass Sea; wander on the bridge and enjoy the sunset scenery. Have a Mosuo local flavor dinner with "Sulima Wine" and "tuotuo mutton"  to the Lugu Lake. Join the fire party after the dinner and enjoy the folk songs and dance with the local people in a big courtyard.

Lugu Lake, situated in the mountains on the border between Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, the remoteness of the region has long preserved traditions, is the historical home of the Mosuo, one of the last matrilineal societies in the world. The mirror-like lake surrounded by the lush peaks has the crystal clear water and here you can see many metres down into the water and the plant life below. Just clicking your camera shutter, there is the blockbuster photo same as the ones you find on the internet even you are using the basic photography facility.

Mosuo people still retain the custom of Walking marriage, which means "male does not marry, female does not marry." If two people like each other, the young man climbs up a tall wall and crawls into a window to have intimate relation with a girl at night and leaves before day break secretly. Lovers have no economic or any legal relationaship, and continue to live in their mother's home when they have children. The females are called "Azhu" and the the males are called "Axia".


image006Day 6: Lugu Lakeimage008Yanyuanimage008Xichangimage008Chengdu

image010Overnight :Not Included


Get up at 8:30 in the morning and pack up, pass Yanyuan, Xichang back to Chengdu.We are happy to see you next time!


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