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7 Days Chengdu to Danba Tibetan Area Luxury Panda Tour

Danba is one of the most beautiful destinations in western Sichuan. It attracts visitors for its natural sceneries, ancient diaolou and untouched natural reserves....
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We sum up the most popular highlights in Danba, including Jiaju and Zhonglu Tibetan Village, Suopo Diaolou Group, Dangling Natural Scenic Spot and Mosika National Nature Reserve.

Lazy yellow rays filtered though the pine trees as we slowly made our way up the valley in the late afternoon. A deep blue river flowed on our are right and we were hemmed in on both sides by high, rust-colored cliffs for most of the journey up. As we climbed high enough and passed through the tree line, we emerged onto a large alpine grassland that gave way to eloquent rolling hills peppered with yaks; and there was a slight cold that felt like early autumn. We had finally reached our destination: a small village called Mosika nestled deep within the Qiong Lai mountains of Aba prefecture, Western Sichuan.


Day 1:Chengdu -Danba(320km,8 hours)

Day 2: Danba day tour(60km)

Day 3:Danba-Dangling(160km)

Day 4: Dangling Day Tour(80km)

Day 5:Dangling-Mosika(80km,7hours)

Day 6:Mosika-Danba(100km,7 hours)

Day 7: Danba - Chengdu (400KM, 7 hours)


image006Day 1:Chengduimage008Danba(320km,8 hours)

image010Overnight :Danba Hotel

image012Elevation : 4500M


Depart Chengdu in the early morning, drive to Danba (altitude 1,800m) by using the new tunnel at Balang mountain, it shortens the driving time to 6 hours. Danba, a county where you may see different Tibetan people and also their unique Danba ancient block towers. You will spend the night in Jiaju village via a bumpy mountain road. You will explore Jiaju village, crops fields and wait for the sunset. Overnight at Jiaju local guest house.


image006Day 2: Danba day tour(60km)

image022Overnight :Danba Hotel

image012Elevation :1800m


After breakfast, we will take a ride to Suopo Tibetan Village around the Danba County to see the distinctive Suopo Towers, which used to be the outpost and granary of Tibetan tribes. Before entering the village, the driver will stop at the best viewing spot for you to take in the full view of these towers. We will have a home-cook lunch at a local family at noon. In the afternoon, you will be taken to the Jiaju Tibetan Village where hundreds of local residences terraced against hillside.

We will return to the hotel in Danba when the whole day's itinerary is finished.


image006Day 3:Danbaimage008Dangling(160km)

image010Overnight :Dangling Guest House

image012Elevation :3800m


Drive from Danba to Dangling in the early morning, and trek to the Huluhai Lake in the forest, that’s the most beautiful place in Dangling, on your way back, you can enjoy the nature hotspring on the way. Drive back to Danba after the visit of Dangling.


image006Day 4: Dangling Day Tour(80km)

image010Overnight :Dangling Guest House

image012Elevation :3800m


Dangling is located 68 km northwest to the town of Danba, Dangling is a gallery of natural alpine lakes, forest, hot springs, grassland and a perfect hiking destination in Sichuan. It is a very primitive and untouched place in Sichuan in the Tibetan area. Over 2 dozens of mountains are over 5000 meters and unclimbed and unexplored. A trip to Danba Dangling is surely going to be a trip of a life time.


image017Day 5:Danglingimage021Mosika(80km,7hours)

image022Overnight :Mosika Guest House

image023Elevation :3900m


In the morning, you will photograph the glow of the reflection of the lake. Return to the house at noon, take a break, then take a free shot and enjoy the view. Return to the guest house after enjoying the beautiful scenery.


image006Day 6:Mosikaimage008Danba(100km,7 hours)

image022Overnight :Danba Hotel

image023Elevation :3800m


Extend northward about 19km, you will arrive at Mosika National Nature Reserve. It is an original grasslands where the local people are live in harmony with the wild animals. You can choose one of local house to visit, and try the local tee, feel the the enthusiasm of the local residents and taste the fresh fruit and vegetables.

In the afternoon,drive back to Danba.


image006Day 7: Danbaimage008Chengdu (400KM, 7 hours)

image010Overnight :Not Included

image012Elevation :540m

After breakfast,visit the first light of the Suopo Tibetan Village, then drive directly back to Chengdu.end the tour.