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Attentions In Tourism
Dec 05, 2018

Safety is the guarantee of a happy journey. It is better to buy travel accident insurance before departure. If there is an accident, we can get timely assistance.

Take as little cash as possible during the journey. Don't put the money in your luggage. Keep it close to you. Don't leave valuables in the room. It's better to go to a regular shop and buy something with an invoice certificate. When trying on clothes and shoes, it is better to accompany and take care of the articles with your group friends.

Important documents such as passports, visas, identity cards, credit cards, locomotive and ship tickets should be carried with you and kept properly.

In the process of traveling, tourists should keep all possible proof materials, such as travel contracts, tourist invoices, tickets for scenic spots, medical documents, etc., and not only rely on oral promises.

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