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Basic Classification Of Self-driving Tours
Dec 05, 2018

Travel distance

From the travel distance, there are: the general travel distance of "seasonal outing" is less than 100 kilometers; the general travel distance of "long-distance sightseeing" is more than 200 to 300 kilometers.

Geographical climate

From the geographic climate, it can be divided into spring field, summer water play, autumn high, winter snow appreciation, mountain climbing, exploration, fishing, rock climbing, River tracing, drifting, hunting, skiing and so on.

Outdoor form

From the outdoor form, there are "leisure activities" such as camping, picnic, barbecue, golf, Qingming sacrifice, scenery, cultural and cultural journeys, geological and ecological investigation, etc.; "outdoor sports" include: cross-country car racing, directional crossing, field survival challenges, extreme journey of desert plateau and so on.