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8 Days Tibet Free Small Group Road Trip

Tibet Lhasa Kailash Tour –covers exploration visit of major highlighted sites of Tibet’s Lhasa city first including popular Potala Place, Sera Monastery, Jokhang Temple and Tibetan traditional Bharkhor market....
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After continues holy adventure journey in roof of the world- pilgrimage travelers will be encountering new cultural destinations day by day. Time to time views follow incredibly beautiful landscape with holy glimpse of Mt Kailash and many other surrounding mountains. Mt Kailash Tour also takes exploration visit to Manasarovar Lake .



Day 2: LHASA - GYANTSE, (Altitude 3900 m.)

Day 3: GYANTSE - SHIGATSE, (Altitude 3800 m.)

Day 4: SHIGATSE - LHATSE or Tingri, (Altitude 4350 m. / 4000m)

Day 5: Saga/4450m or Dongba: (Labug-La 5050m, Peku-tso and Saga, 245 km)

Day 6: Manasarover (4558m) 500 km:

Day 7: Puja and drive to Tarchen (14975ft)

Day 8: Trek to Dehara Puk(5000m)

Day 9: End of Kailash Parikrama and drive to Manasarovara

image004Day 1: SIGHTSEEINGimage006

during these three days in Lhasa we visit the Potala palace, Drepung and Sera monasteries, the Norbulinka and of course the famous Jokhang temple including the surrounding Barkhor.


image009Day 2: LHASA image011GYANTSE, (Altitude 3900 m.)

you begin your overland adventure with a full day drive to Gyantse. Along the way you cross the Kamba la (4794m) and the Karo la pass (5010m), both grant spectacular views. After the Kamba la you come to Yamdrok tso, also known as the Turquoise lake. You'll want to have your camera ready.


image014Day 3: GYANTSE image015SHIGATSE, (Altitude 3800 m.)

this will be a busy day. In the morning visit Gyantse stupa and monastery followed by a two hour drive to Shigatse.


image018Day 4: SHIGATSEimage019LHATSE or Tingri, (Altitude 4350 m. / 4000m)

the journey today brings you over two high passes with fine views. For lunch we stop in the small town of Lhatse. Depending on how much time we spend during the morning in Shigatse we will stay overnight in Lhatse or Tingri.


image022Day 5: Saga/4450m image023Dongba: (Labug-La 5050m, Peku-tso and Saga, 245 km)

On the first long driving day over the sandy and rocky land of Tibet, other sites like lake, nomads chasing thousands of yaks and sheep, keep you busy. By the late afternoon you will cross Bhramha Purtra River on the way to typical Tibetan town. Overnight in Saga.


image026Day 6:Saga image023Manasarover (4558m) 500 km

The longest driving day starts with full of excitement, Jeeps and trucks roll on the wide valley following rivers and grazing land of yaks and sheep. Far south you can see snow covered peaks near by you, lots of rocky peaks and sand duns give you an ideal world. Depends on season, nomads and other mobile shopkeepers are attired by beautiful traditional costume, waiting for your arrival with hot tea and other supplies along with big smile.By the late afternoon you can have the first sight of Holy Kailash Parbat and Manasarovara. Hore, it is a small village nearby Lake Manasarover. Holy-Manasarovara: At 14950-ft/ 4558m. The highest lake of fresh water with turquoise complexion in the world is full of fishes and swans. Holy Kailash Parbat, Mt. Gurula-Mandata, Lake Rashekshi are laying on its surrounding. The region is considered rich for gold and other mines, hot springs and hundreds of wild living creatures. Night halt beside Manasarovar.


image022Day 7: Puja image023Tarchen (14975ft)

Manasarovara is the lake of compassion, tranquility and bliss. After completing the memorable morning Bath and Puja we will be heading towards Tarchen. It is considered as a base camp for the Holy Kailash Parikrama.


image033Day 8: Trek image035 Dehara Puk(5000m)

It is one of the exciting days walking along the beautiful rocky cliffs; waterfalls with some clouds in the clear blue sky makes you feel the Great God Shiva is everywhere with tons of blessings to you. Time to time the face of Kailash Parbat will keep on appearing. For 18 km trail it takes almost 7 hrs.


image022Day 9: End of Kailash Parikrama image015to Manasarovara

After walking 3 hours, all the driving crew will be waiting for your arrival. By the late afternoon you will be at your camp beside the Lake Manasarovar.