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Discovering trek

11 Days Sacred Cell Nie Buddhist Holy Land Mountain Trek

Genie is called Holy Mountain Genyen or Genie in Tibetan. It is one of the 24 holy mountains in Tibet. It is home to over dozens of high mountains.Genie also indicates the massif itself. The highest peak of Genie is also named Mt. Genie or Mt....
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Genie, with an altitude of 6204 meters. Mt. Genie is ranked the 3rd highest mountain in Sichuan Province. Mt. Genie is the highest mountain in Shaluli Range. It is a holy place for many Tibetan people. Genie Massif is located south to Litang and 800km west to Chengdu.Genie is one of the most wild and unexplored parts of China that few people have explored. It is home to many kinds of species, plants, and highland turquoises lakes, unsummited peaks, hot springs, hidden monasteries and the original nomads people.



D1 Chengdu / Luding / Kangding/ Xinduqiao(520km,10 hours drive)

D2 :Xinduqiao-69km-Yajiang-149km - Litang-20km-Tiejiangshan Yakou -51km-Lama Ya

D3 :Lama Ya-5km-Laba Yakou-5km-Zetong Village(Ranrika Village)-8km-Naiganduo Village-5km-Lengda-3km-Hupiba

D4 :Hupiba - 3km - Old Lenggu Temple (4150m) -New Lenggu Temple (4150m) -14km-Hangda Base camp(Chachongxi)

D5 : Chachongxi-8km-Chemu Lama-5km-Reti(Hangda base camp)

D6:Reti-9km-Latoka Pass -10km-Zhasatong-6KM-Gemu Village

D7 Gemu Village -26km-Haga Camp

D8 :Haga Camp - 9km - Hagala yakou (4790M) - 12km - Hari Camp

D9 Hari Camp -11km-Anjiu Village-70km-Litang

D10: Litang - Xinduqiao - Kangding (290km)

D11:Kangding - Chengdu (325km)


image006D1 Chengdu image008 Luding image008 Kangdingimage008 Xinduqiao(520km,10 hours drive)


image014Accommodation:Economy Hotel in Xinduqiao


Your Chengdu tour starts in the early morning today, the guide from China Exploration will take you to Kangding all the day, about 380kms away from Chengdu and about 7 hours’ driving, half on express way and half mountain road on No 318 state highway. The landscape will change from wide plain to big mountain area gradually. In the route you will pass Mt Erlangshan, which used to be the first and most dangerous gate to Tibetan area, but now tunnel make trip much easier, just 10 minutes you will cross the mountain and enter Tibetan area. The bright world appearing in front of us will bring us the feeling that enter another world.

Luding Bridge had played key role in the early history of Chinese communist party. If they were stopped by the bridge and Dadu River, so they would facing the danger of perished completely by Chiang Kai-shek army, but God helped them, and the brave heroes crossed the bridge naked with only chains after fierce battle ! In the afternoon you will drop a tour in this famous bridge.

You will continue the tour along Dadu River, and arrive in Kangding in the late afternoon. It is only 2560 meters in sea level, so you can be acclimated today by free walking in the beautiful Tibetan style city.

Tibetan monastery is the Buddha’s Warrior temple in Kangding, where you will learn about Tibetan culture and Buddhism. And then you will cross over the mountain pass of 4200 meters of Zeduoshan and enter the wide Tibetan plateau.

Yes, you are in wide Tibetan plateau now. The washed blue sky, waving hill humps, yaks, all will show you a new world, it is the kingdom of Buddha, land of purity, please let go all of the pressure and worries!

Xinduqiao village has the reputation of Photography paradise. Tibetan Herdsman, Stone Tibetan houses, villages, wooden bridge, white poplar forest, hills, clean brooks, all get long, and built a picture of harmony.


image006D2 :Xinduqiaoimage00869kmimage008Yajiangimage008149km - Litangimage00820kmimage008Tiejiangshan Yakou image00851kmimage008Lama Ya

image012Altitude:Yajiang(2530m)—Litang(4014m)—Tiejiangshang Yakou(4770m)—Lama Ya(3700m)

image014Accommodation:Simple Room in Lama Ya


Today after breakfast, we will drive across the well-known Zheduo mountain that is famous for its marvelous sea of clouds, and arrive in the paradise of photography - Xinduqiao with enjoying the Muya Tibetans' peaceful countryside scenery and lifestyle along the way. Xinduqiao is honored as the paradise of photographers, not because of the village itself, but the 33KM landscape corridor from Xinduqiao to Tagong Grassland - the winding river, the blooming flowers in summer, the golden terek bostan in autumn, the unique Tibetan houses, as well as the wonderful lighting and shades casted from the clouds.

After lunch on the road, drive through Yajiang, and in the late afternoon arrive Litang, which boasts of "the Highest Town" because of its 4014 meters over sea level. And it is an important religious city in Tibetan plateau with strong nomadic features and strong atmosphere of traditional Tibetan life.

Drive on G318 through Maoya Grassland and then turn to rough road and over Tiejiangshan Yakou where you can view the Genie group mountains. After about 4 hours driving, you will arrive at Lama Ya. To rent horses for taking your equipments in the township. At the rests of day you need have a good rest for the hiking tour of the second day.


image006D3 :Lama Yaimage0275km-Laba Yakouimage0275kmimage027Zetong Village(Ranrika)image0278km-Naiganduoimage0275km-Lengdaimage0273kmimage027Hupiba

image031Altitude:Lama Ya(3700m) Laba Yakou(4060m)Zetong Village(Ranrika Village)(3780m)Naiganduo Village(3720m)Lengda(3820m) Hupiba(3860m)

image033Accommodation: Camping In Hupiba


Today is to start your hiking tour in Genie Mountain Area, about 7 hours. Genie Main Peak, Xiaozha Mount and Kemailong Mount will come into view. The elevation increases gradually. While hiking along the valley, you will enjoy the breathtaking beauties. Finally, you will arrive at Hupiba and camp there. Hupiba is under the Genie Mountain and it is the perfect place to view Genie Mountain.

image006D4 :Hupibaimage0273kmimage027Old Lenggu Temple (4150m) image027New Lenggu Temple (4150m) image02714km-Hangda Base camp(Chachongxi)

image012Altitude:Lenggu Temple(4070m) Hangda Base Camp(3910m)

image033Accommodation:Camping in Hangda


Get up early for the beautiful morning glow of Genie, and then start to hike about 2 hours along the valley up to Lenggu Temple where you will visit the main temple hall, see the three treasures of the temple: a female antler, an anti-helical conch and a white rare stone. After visiting, you will hike to our base camp in Hangda. In the evening, you will enjoy the beautiful scene of the holly genie mountain.


image006D5 : Chachongxiimage0278km-Chemu Lamaimage0275kmimage027Reti(Hangda base camp)

image012Altitude:Hangda basecamp(3910m) Chemu Lama(4070m) Reti Basecamp(4140m)

image033Accommodation:Camping in Hangda


Today's itinerary is relatively easy, so you can sleep late in the morning and set off later. Continue to the west along the horse road,uphill, grass, forest around you all day long. When the weather is good, you can see the peaks of the south of Genie. It will be early to arrive in the camp, everyone can watch the snow mountain with enjoying a hot tea in the afternoon!

Catering: including camp, breakfast, dinner, lunch

Accommodation: camping in Reti


image006D6:Retiimage0279kmimage027Latoka Passimage02710kmimage027Zhasatongimage0276KMimage027Gemu Village

image012Altitude:Latoka Pass(4815m)Zhasatong(3780m)Gemu Village(3820m)

image033Accommodation:Camping in Gemu


It will be a pretty hard day. You will set off early after breakfast and start climbing from the camp all the way. After about 3 hours walk, arrive at the Latoca Pass (4815m).,where you can still see the Genie holly mountain, turning over the Pass, you can't see the Genie holly mountain in the next few days. So take some photos! The wind on the top is so strong that it is easy to catch a cold. After turning over the Pass, it was all the way downhill, all the way down the river valley. After arriving at Zhasatong,go to the Gemu Village along the river valley and camp in front of Gemu Village in the evening.


image006D7 Gemu Village image02726kmimage027Haga Camp

image012Altitude:Gemu Village(3820m)Haga(4320m)

image033Accommodation:Camping in Haga


Today is a long journey ,all day hiking in a area about 4,000 meters above sea level, which is relatively hard. All day you will walk along the river in the valley, and there are many places where the herdsmen lived. After noon, we will leave the village and enter the original no-man's land. Although we are walking through the valleys, the roads are always in meadows and forests, not only refreshing, but also beautiful. You will arrive at the Haga camp place,where you can shoot stars in the evening.


image006D8 :Haga Campimage0279kmimage027Hagala yakou (4790M) image02712km image027Hari Camp

image012Altitude:Hagala yakou(4790m)  Hari Camp(4160m)

image033Accommodation:Camping in Hari


Today, the last pass will be overtaken. The whole journey is basically at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level. Although the altitude is relatively high, the altitude rise is not very large, and the distance is not very far. In the morning you basically climbing upwards, and in the afternoon it is falling all the way. In the afternoon, there is a river with a wide river surface. It may need to wading. After passing through the cold river, we will arrive at the camp. There is a natural hot spring where you can take a rest. In the evening, we will camp next to the hot springs, make sure you will bring a swimsuit and have comfortable spa here.


image006D9 Hari Campimage02711kmimage027Anjiu Villageimage00870km-Litang


image014Accommodation:Economy Class Hotel In Litang


Today is the last day of hiking,also a relatively relaxing day. Because everyone used to work hard the day before, you can sleep late and start later. Starting from the Hari camp, all the way along Hajigou to the Anjiu Village, the settlement of the herdsmen of the Maoyan Prairie. Here is the road to the outside, here to say goodbye to your guide, take the local car through the prairie, go to Litang County, and relax in Litang at night.


image006D10: Litangimage008Xinduqiaoimage008Kangding (290km)


image014Accommodation:Economy Class Hotel In Kangding


After breakfast, drive back to Kangding from Litang. On the way, we will have a stop at the black rock city of Gaoersi Mountain, which is one of the mysterious religion holy land with the black rocks all over the mountain. It is the best point to overlook the king of Sichuan mountains - Gongga Mountain from the west to the east. Most of the master-class photos on the internet were taken from here. And the second time to pass through Xinduqiao which boasts of its stone Tibetan houses, villages, wooden bridge, white poplar forest, hills, clean brooks, and all of them built a picture of harmony.


image006D11:Kangdingimage008Chengdu (325km)


image014Accommodation:Not Included


Today is the day to back to Chengdu and also the last day of our tour. It takes about 6.5 hours. When arriving at Chengdu, we will transfer you to your hotel in Chengdu, or the airport/ train station for your next destination.