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Discovering trek

5 Days Buddhist Culture Mt Gongga Exploring Trek

On the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau, nestled between the Dadu River and the Yalong River, sits the highest mountain, Mount Konka, in Sichuan Province. With its peak at an elevation of 7,556 meters, Mount Konka has earned the local, Sichuan title of “King of the Mountains”....
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Also known locally as Minya Konka, the mountain is the highest over 7,000 meters east of the Himalayas, and the third highest peak outside the entire Himalayan Range.

Mount Konka is one of the most popular trekking destinations in the world for hard-core, international trekkers. This middle section of the Hengduan Mountain Range has more than 50 other snow-covered peaks around Konka, giving an amazing vista of snow-capped mountain scenery that takes your breath away.


D1 : Chengdu / Luding / Kangding/ Xinduqiao(520km,10 hours drive)

D2: Xinduqiao-20km-Jiagenba-43km-Shade-99km-Liuba Country-10km- Quanhuatan-6km-Lenggacuo-Shangmuju Village

D3 : Yulongxi - Longjieman Pass - Moxi Gou-Konka Temple

D4: Konka Temple-7km- Zimer Village-11km-Bawang Lake-32km -Caoke--58km-Shimian

D5 :Caoke-58km-Shimian -196km- Ya’an -60km- Pingle Ancient Town -95km-Chengdu


image006D1 : Chengdu image008Luding image008 Kangdingimage008 Xinduqiao(520km,10 hours drive)


image014Accommodation:Economy Hotel in Xinduqiao


Your Chengdu tour starts in the early morning today, the guide from China Exploration will take you to Kangding all the day, about 380kms away from Chengdu and about 7 hours’ driving, half on express way and half mountain road on No 318 state highway. The landscape will change from wide plain to big mountain area gradually. In the route you will pass Mt Erlangshan, which used to be the first and most dangerous gate to Tibetan area, but now tunnel make trip much easier, just 10 minutes you will cross the mountain and enter Tibetan area. The bright world appearing in front of us will bring us the feeling that enter another world.

Luding Bridge had played key role in the early history of Chinese communist party. If they were stopped by the bridge and Dadu River, so they would facing the danger of perished completely by Chiang Kai-shek army, but God helped them, and the brave heroes crossed the bridge naked with only chains after fierce battle ! In the afternoon you will drop a tour in this famous bridge.

You will continue the tour along Dadu River, and arrive in Kangding in the late afternoon. It is only 2560 meters in sea level, so you can be acclimated today by free walking in the beautiful Tibetan style city.

Yes, you are in wide Tibetan plateau now. The washed blue sky, waving hill humps, yaks, all will show you a new world, it is the kingdom of Buddha, land of purity, please let go all of the pressure and worries!

Xinduqiao village has the reputation of Photography paradise. Tibetan Herdsman, Stone Tibetan houses, villages, wooden bridge, white poplar forest, hills, clean brooks, all get long, and built a picture of harmony.


image006D2: Xinduqiaoimage00820km -Jiagenbaimage00843km-Shadeimage00899km-Liuba Country-10km- Quanhuatanimage0086km-Lenggacuoimage008Shangmuju Village

image012Altitude:Xinduqiao(3400m)Shangmuju Village (3700m)

image014Accommodation:Simple Room Shangmuju Village(No bathroom)


Today we will see the majestic mountain of Konka. Konka mountain height 7556 meters. After breakfast, drive north along the winding Qiu River and enjoy the terek bostan and Muya Tibetans on the banks and arrive in Jiagenba where to see the unique octagon watchtower, then pass through Liuba town and arrive at the Shangmuju Village on the foot of Konka Mountain. After the picnic in the village, drive to the Sinter Beach (Quanhuatan) located in the Yulong West village (Yulongxicun) with a length and width of more than 900m and 100m, 8 sinter terraces formed along the mountain. At 16:00, head to Zimeiyakou where to see the sunset of the Konka holy mountain and ready to capture the amazing moments. Then return to Shangmuju village.overnight in shangmuju


image006D3 : Yulongxiimage026Longjieman Passimage026Moxi Gouimage026Konka Temple

image012Altitude:Longjieman Pass(4200m)Konka Temple(3800m)

image014Accommodation:Simple Room Konka Temple(No bathroom)


In the morning, the journey is basically all about climb. Everyone must pay attention to the consumption of physical strength. About 2-3 hours on foot, arrive Longjie Mangkou and the king of the mountain - Konka Snow Mountain, take photos and have lunch. All the way down to the end of Moxigou, all the way to enjoy the vertical distribution of alpine meadows - forests, the last section of the drum to the old Konka Temple with more than 700 years of history. It is not only a famous religious destination, but also one of the best locations for the main peak of Konka. Let’s wait for the evening at Gold Mountain of tomorrow morning in Konka Temple at night.


image006D4: Konka Templeimage0267km- Zimer Villageimage02611km-Bawang Lakeimage00832km -Caokeimage00858km-Shimian

image012Altitude:Zimer Village (3000m) Bawang Lake(3200m)

image014Accommodation:Economy Class Hotel in Caoke


You leave Konka Temple for Bawang Lake in the moring. You trek about 7km to get to Zimei Village. Bawang Lake is about 11 away from Lower Zimei Village. You will arrive at Bawang Lake at about 3pm and take a picture of beautiful Bawang Lake in the morning. Then start your trekking to a spot which you can take a car to Caoke ,where you can have a meal and get rest. You will stay over in Caoke and enjoy the BBQ and hot spring there!


image006D5 :Caokeimage00858km-Shimian image008196km- Ya’an image00860km- Pingle Ancient Town image00895km-Chengdu

image012Altitude:Chengdu (500m)

image014Accommodation: Not Included


Today is the day to back to Chengdu and also the last day of our tour. Along the Dadu river, passing through the Hanyuan and Yingjing, arrive in Ya'an where stops to have lunch in the Shangli Ancient town and walk around the town after lunch. Continue to head back to Chengdu, in the afternoon, and we will visit the Pingle Ancient town on the way if the time allows. arrive in Chengdu ,end the tour.