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5 Days Sight Seeing Changping Valley Small Group Trek

5 Days Sight Seeing Changping Valley Small Group Trek

5 Day Mount Siguniang hiking starts from Chengdu, a perfect hiking adventure near Chengdu to explore the wonderful nature of Sichuan....
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Hike from Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley total waling 3-4 days. Witness Mount Siguniang and the many other mountains around Mount Siguniang at a close range.

D1:Chengdu-Wolong-Mt Balang-Mt Siguniang Town(230km,5hours)

D2 :Mount Siguniang Town–Muluozi(Trek 6 hours)

D3:Muoluozi–Chazigou(Trek 6 hours)

D4 :Kazigou–Bipenggou–Lixian(Trek 10 hours)

D5:Lixian-Chengdu(Drive 188km,4 hours)


image006D1:Chengduimage008Wolong-Mtimage008Balang-Mtimage008Siguniang Town(230km,5hours)


image013Accommodation:Economy Hotel in Mt Siguniang Town


Drive to Rilong, the base of Mount Siguniang. Driving into the mountains while elevation rises up to over 4000 meters. Have your first glimpse of Mount Siguniang Yaomei Peak by the pass of Balang. Arrive at Rilong, the small village by the foot of Mount Siguniang. Check in and acclimatize yourself at elevation of 3200 meters.


image006D2 :Mount Siguniang Townimage035Muluozi(Trek 6 hours)


image023Accommodation:Camping in Muluozi


Start today by a 10 minutes ride using the public bus at Changpinggou and start your walking on boardwalks for about 3 hours on gradual trail. Walking in the forest and bushes while the views become beautiful on both sides of the valley. You will be able to see Mount Siguniang Yaomei Peak for most of the time today and many other peaks. Arrive at Muluozi campsite in the afternoon and camp at the foot of Mount Siguniang for overnight. Elevation at 3800 meters total walking about 5 to 6 hours.


image006D3:Muoluoziimage021Chazigou(Trek 6 hours)


image023Accommodation:Camping in Chazigou


Catch the morning glows of Mount Siguniang Yaomei Peak if the weather is clear. Today the walking trail becomes muddy if it rains. You will be walking deeper into the valley and along the river and mush. Forest and views become more primitive as you walking. Total walking for about 5 to 6 hours today and arrive campsite at Chazigou for overnight, elevation at 3900 meters.


image029D4 :Kazigouimage021Bipenggouimage021Lixian(Trek 10 hours)


image013Accommodation:Economy Class Hotel In Lixian


Today is the difficult day of your Mount Siguniang Hiking. Start this day with a very steep ascent for 400 meters and it is better to start this day early in the morning before 6:00 am. Walk to the pass at 4600 meters and follow with a steep drop into the Bipeng Valley. Total walking for about 9 hours today and after arrive in Bipeng Valley will use the public bus in the park of Bipeng and drive to use our car to drive for half hour to your hotel in Lixian. Overnight at hotel in Lixian.


image006D5:Lixianimage008Chengdu(Drive 188km,4 hours)


image013Accommodation:Not Included


One leisure day drive back to Chengdu for about 4 hours.