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Discovering trek

6 Days Mountain Lake Unknown Tibetan Part Trekking

Day1: Chengdu-Wenchuan-Songpan-Chuanzhu Temple-Kakagou(360km)
Day2:Kakagoukou - Long Lake(Trekking distance 16 km,8 hours)
Day3 :Long Lake-Long Lake Pass-Awenggou-Fish Lake(Trekking distance 10 km,8 hours)
Day 4 : Fish Lake Campsite -Grass Lake–Hongxing Lake -Grass Lake- Fish Lake Campsite(Trekking distance 16 km,8 hours)
Day 5 :Fish Lake Camp-Tibetan Prairie-Awenggou-Songpan-Mao County(Trekking distance 10 km,6 hours)
Day 6 :Mao County-Wenchuan-Chengdu(driving distance 185km)
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Qizang Valley is one of the most diverse regions of Songpan. While Qizang Valley is the name for the region at large, each valley within has its own name and distinct features such as lakes and mountain peaks. It is home to well known geological features such as Long Lake, Hongxing Lake, and Hongxing Mountain.

Our assessment is that the trail through Kakagou remains largely intact and the area around Long Lake is still quite natural. From Long Lake to Fish Lake in A’wong Valley, the trail over the mountain pass is still remote and unaffected. The trail section from Fish Lake to Hongxing Lake is also still pleasant for the outdoor enthusiast and Hongxing itself is unaffected by development for this season. If A’wong valley is simply used as an exit from the region after 3 days of hiking, most visitors will not mind the road that has been built into the area. It is not a finished road. It is very rough and rocky.

We will continue to update this page as the situation in Qizang Valley continues to change with ongoing development.


image006Day1: Chengduimage008Wenchuanimage008Songpanimage008Chuanzhu Templeimage008Kakagou(360km)


image014 Accommodation:Ruoergai Economy Hotel

image016 Meals:D

Today you can not only enjoy the charming view along the way of The famous route to Songpan,which is Chengdu-Dujiangyan-Wenchuan-Songpan. The whole route is about 360km which takes you 8-9 hours depending on the weather and car condition. After 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, this route has been re-built so the road condition is great.


image006Day2:Kakagoukou image020Long Lake(Trekking distance 16 km,8 hours)

image012 Altitude:3700m

image022Accommodation:Camp in Long Lake

image016 Meals:B,L,D

Today you will start your trekking tour on the mountainous path in Qizang Valley from Kakagoukou to Long Lake. The total trekking distance is 16km and you will arrive at the campsite near to Long Lake about 5pm.Have lunch around 12:30-13:30

The condition of path is relatively good, and the uphill slope is gentle. As the elevation increases gradually, blue sky and white cloud will bring you a very easy mood, with small wooden cottage, stunted boskage and grassland.


image026Day3 :Long Lakeimage027Long Lake Passimage028Awenggouimage029Fish Lake(Trekking distance 10 km,8 hours)

image012 Altitude:3300m

image022Accommodation:Camp in Fish Lake

image023 Meals:B,L,D

Get up in the morning and take photos of natural landscapes around Long Lake. Then start the today’s 10km trekking tour from Long Lake to Fish Lake. After half an hour trekking, we will climb the Long Lake Pass. About at 12 o’clock, you will have the simple lunch and have a short break.We will greet the wild animals in Awenggou Valley. Then walk to the Fish Lake campsite for camping this night.


image026Day 4 : Fish Lake Campsite image020Grass Lakeimage034Hongxing Lake image035Grass Lakeimage035Fish Lake Campsite(Trekking distance 16 km,8 hours)

image012 Altitude:3300m

image022Accommodation:Camp in Fish Lake

image023 Meals:B,L,D

Get up in the morning and take photos of beautiful landscapes around Fish Lake. You will walk about 2 hours and arrive at Grass Lake, where you will have your simple lunch and have a short break. Then trek about 1 hour to the Hongxing Lake where the landscapes are the most beautiful. For Chinese trekking lovers, “He has never been to Qizanggou if he doesn’t trek to Hongxing Lake.” In the afternoon, you will return back on the same path to Grass Lake and then trek to Fish Lake campsite.


image006Day 5 Fish Lake Campimage027Tibetan Prairieimage027Awenggouimage027Songpanimage034Mao County(Trekking distance 10 km,6 hours)


image014Accommodation:Economy Hotel In Mao County

image016 Meals:B,L,D

After simple breakfast at Fish Lake campsite, continue to trek from Fish Lake to Aengoou Goukou. On the way, you will visit the Colorful Beach and Colorful Forest. Our private car will wait for you at Awenggou Goukou, and then transfer you to Chuanzhusi Temple, which was built in 270. In the temple, a number of Bodhisattva statues of clay sculpture and copper casting is enshrined and worshiped there. You will have a good chance to enjoy the Tibetan Buddhist culture. Then be transferred to your hotel in Mao county.


image026Day  6 :Mao Countyimage008Wenchuanimage008Chengdu(driving distance 185km)


image014Accommodation:Not Included


After breakfast, leave Maoxian, pass Wenchuan, chengguan Express way to Chengdu. (The time of arrival in Chengdu is uncertain. Because of traffic conditions in Sichuan, it may be due to road repairs, traffic control, and blocked. The actual arrival time may be later. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to buy the ticket to leave Chengdu the next day or Train ticket!)