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7 Days Gongga Third Pole Grassland Trekking tour Package

Mount Gongga is located in the transitional zone between Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Sichuan Basin. The main peak (7,556 ms) is the highest peak of east Tibetan plateau, called "the king of Shu Mountains". The high and steep mountain is covered forever with thawless snow....
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If visitors look at the mountain from far, it seems to float above a vast snow-sea. Besides the highest peak of 7556 ms, a few peaks above 6000 also are standing around it as its brother. In the zone, there are many natural sights, such as ancient glaciers relic, modern glaciers, virgin forests, hot springs, lakes, snow peaks, etc.In this trekking, you will trek only the section of Laoyulin to Riwuqie Mountain pass to have a view of the Mt. Gongka. The average sea level is above 4000 meter and the highest mountain pass is about 4900 meters.


D1:Chengdu – Ya’an – Kangding – Laoyulin – Gexi Grassland( total distance 310km,8 hours drive,half an hour hike)

D2:Gexi Grassland – Liangcha River – Xia Riwuqie – Shang Riwuqie (L, D)( Hiking distance 17km,7.5 hours)

D3:Shang Riwuqie – Riwuqie Pass – Moxigou Campsite (Hike 12km, 4.5hrs) (B, L, D)

D4:Moxigou Campsite – Gongga Temple (Hike 25km, 8hrs) (B, L, D)

D5:Gongga Temple – Shang Zimei Village – Zimei Pass – Xia Zimei Village (B, L, D)(total distance 29km,hiking 7km,2 hours)

D6:Xiazimei-9km-Bawang Sea-7km-Jiebeishi-30km-Caoke(46km in total, including about 6 hours on foot, then 60 minutes to get to Caoke)

D7:Grass - Shimian - 266km - Chengdu (Total 266m, about 5 hours driving)


D1:Chengdu image006Ya’an image006Kangdingimage006 Laoyulin image006Gexi Grassland( total distance 310km,8 hours drive,half an hour hike)

image010 Altitude:3400m

image012Accommodation:Camping in Gexi Grasslande


Today, we will start from Chengdu, drive on the Chengdu–Ya’an Expressway to the so-called “Rain City” – Ya’an. Then turn to G318, we will enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries. After driving through Erlangshan Tunnel, a sunshine day with blue sky will turn out, and then we reach to the Dadu River Grand Canyon, which is the largest one in western Sichuan.

Passing Luding Bridge, we will arrive in Kangding ancient city. From Chengdu to Kangding, we will drive for about 6.5 hours.

After lunch, we will drive to Laoyulin to meet our porter team and then start our trekking tour on the bumpy road in the Gyazela Valley to Gexi Grassland.

Today's total hiking distance is about 8km from Laoyulin to Power Station and another 3km from Power Station to Gexi Grassland.


D2:Gexi Grasslandimage018 Liangcha River image018Xia Riwuqie image018Shang Riwuqie (L, D)( Hiking distance 17km,7.5 hours)


image010 Altitude:4350m

image024Accommodation:Camp at Shang Riwuqie Campsite


Enjoy the sunrise at the campsite. After breakfast, we will start to walk up the mountain. After hiking about 8km, about 3 hours, we will arrive in Liangcha River (alt: 3780m). The road on the right side is leading to Panpanshan Mountain. But we choose to go the left side of the road to cross Riwuqie Pass.

From Liangcha River to Xia Riwuqie, we will hike for 5km about 3 hours, and then keep moving for 4km we will arrive in the campsite for tonight – Shang Riwuqie. Along the way, we can enjoy the spectacular Tianhaizi Snow Mountain (alt: 6,070m), Small Gongga Mountain (alt: 6,027m) and other peaks.


D3:Shang Riwuqie image018Riwuqie Pass image018Moxigou Campsite (Hike 12km, 4.5hrs) (B, L, D)

image010 Altitude:3900m

image024Accommodation:Camping at Moxigou Campsite


After breakfast, we will leave Shang Riwuqie campsite to trek 6km, for about 2.5 hours to Riwuqie Pass (alt: 4830m) and cross the pass. Along the way, you can enjoy the towering Jiazifeng Peak (alt 6549m), Tianhaizi Snow Mountain (6070m), Small Gongga Mountain (6027m), Riwuqie Peak (6376m) and Mt.Leduomayin. Today, we will trek 12km in total for about 4.5 hours to reach the campsite at the end of Moxigou Valley.


D4:Moxigou Campsite image018 Gongga Temple (Hike 25km, 8hrs) (B, L, D)

image010 Altitude:4100m

image024Accommodation:Camping in Gongga Temple


Today, we will hike along Moxigou Valley for about 25km (about 8 hours) to Gongga Temple (alt: 3,750m). Although today we hike for the longest distance among all the trekking days, this road is basically decline in altitude, so that it is quite easy. Gongga Temple is located under the main peak of Mount Gongga. It is one of the three holy sites of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. It is also the best place to appreciate the stunning view of the main peak of Mount Gongga.


D5:Gongga Templeimage018 Zimei Village image018Zimei Pass image007 Xia Zimei Village (B, L, D)(total distance 29km,hiking 7km,2 hours)

image010 Altitude:4550m

image024Accommodation:Camping in Xia zimei


After breakfast, we leave Gongga Temple. Firstly, we will walk down the road and then began to climb up to Zimei Pass via Zimei Village. From Gongga Temple to Shang Zimei Village, we will hike 6km for about 2 hours. To reach Zimei Pass, the main peak of Mount Gongga is in the behind. Here, you can enjoy a great view of Mount Gongga. After appreciating the sunset from the pass, we will get back to Shang Zimei village by car.


D6: Xiazimei -9kmimage018Bawang Sea -7kmimage018-Jiebeishiimage00630kmimage006Caoke(46km in total, including about 6 hours on foot, then 60 minutes to get to Caoke)

image010Altitude: about 3200M in Bawanghai, about 1500M in grass

image012Accommodation: Caoke Local Hotel (Double Standard Room)


After breakfast, we will go through the forest and watch the beautiful mountains and rivers along the Dahe Beach. After arriving at the Bawang Lake, walk along the river and mountain forest to overlook the whole Bawang Lake. After taking a photo, walk to the highway exit, take a car along the Tianwan River through Caoke, jump into the hot spring under the snow mountain, you can also taste the famous Caoke chicken.


D7: Caokeimage049 Shimian image050 266kmimage050 Chengdu (Total 266m, about 5 hours driving)

image044Altitude: 540M

image045Accommodation: Not Inluded


After breakfast, set off along the Dadu River and returned to Chengdu by highway.


Alternative itinerary

If due to weather factors, such as heavy snow block the Riwuqie Pass, the itinerary is adjusted as follows:

D1: Chengdu-Kangding-Gexi Grassland

D2: West Prairie - Liangcha River - Panpanshan Camp

D3: Panpanshan Camp - Yakoukou - Yulong West Village

D4: Yulong West Village - Quanhuatan - Zimei Yakou - Zimei Village

D5: Zimei Village - Gongga Temple - Zimei Village

D6: Xiazimei Village-Bawang Lake-Caoke-Shimian

D7: Shimian - Chengdu