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Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek What's the coolest destination in your mind? This tour might give you an idea: drive through glaciers towards to the roof of the world — Mt. Everest, ride a yak on the bank of Yamdrok Lake, and count the stairs of the Potala Palace. This tour gives you the most......
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Everest Base Camp Trek

What's the coolest destination in your mind? This tour might give you an idea: drive through glaciers towards to the roof of the world — Mt. Everest, ride a yak on the bank of Yamdrok Lake, and count the stairs of the Potala Palace.

This tour gives you the most original experiences and most options. It is flexible so that you can change the itinerary and transportation. We offer a free Tibet travel permit and free connecting transportation suggestion. A caring and experienced local guide will ensure your safety and maximum comfort.


Stay in a Tibetan style guesthouse in the backstreets around the Jokhang Temple and see the local people doing kora under your window

Challenge your breathing limitations — approach Everest Base Camp and feel the thin air

Admire the sacred Potala Palace and count the steps

Observe monks debating at Sera Monastery

Explore the local culture at Tashilunpo Monastery, Shigatse

everest base camp trek. (2)(001)

everest base camp trek. (2)(001)

Suggested Itinerary

DAY 1:Arrive in Lhasa (Elevation 3,650 Meters)

Your private guide and driver will pick you up at Lhasa's airport or train station and accompany you to your hotel.

Adapt to the altitude:

To prevent altitude sickness, we suggest you have a good rest and do not get too excited. We haven't arranged any activities for the first day of your trip in order to give you time to acclimatize.

There is a chance you might suffer from symptoms of altitude sickness, including abnormal tiredness or headaches. If you need any help, your guide is on 24-hour standby. If you feel good, feel free to explore this gorgeous ancient city on your own. Take it easy and move slowly.

Enjoy some time in the square in front of the Potala Palace at night. It's a good chance to see more of the locals as they like to get together there at night.

DAY 2:Lhasa: Norbulingka, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery

Enjoy breakfast in your hotel and start your day with a trip to Norbulingka. There, you can breathe in the fresh morning air and slowly get used to the altitude. Then drive for 15 minutes to see Drepung Monastery, where you will climb the stairs up to the hill and visit the delicate temples. If you are lucky, you will hear the monks chanting together, which sounds just like singing.

Have lunch in a local restaurant and try some Tibetan food, such as yak butter tea, which will help you to adapt to the altitude.

After lunch, visit Sera Monastery and watch the monks' debate. Guess the meaning of their gestures and grasp the chance to take photos.

General rules for visiting temples in Tibet

Cameras are not allowed in the temples or in the debate field, but taking photos with a cell phone is acceptable.

When entering a temple, please take off your hat and sunglasses to show respect. Your shoulders should be covered and you should not wear shorts.

Walk clockwise when visiting Barkhor Street.

DAY 3:Lhasa: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street

This is your third day in Tibet, so you should be physically ready for the Potala Palace, which has a lot of steps. Prepare to enjoy the resplendent chambers and exquisite wall paintings.

The red part of the wall is made of special straw.

After lunch, visit the Jokhang Temple. You will see many pilgrims prostrating themselves near the temple. Take part with the locals in the 20-minute walk with prayer wheels, going clockwise around the Jokhang Temple. Take a stroll around Barkhor Street and see some Tibetan handicrafts.

DAY 4:Lhasa – Gyangtse (4,040 Meters) – Shigatse (3,836 Meters): Yamdrok Lake, Karuola Glacier, Palcho Monastery

Your adventure will take you southward, all the way to Shigatse. First, you will visit Yamdrok Lake. On sunny days, the lake appears turquoise. If it's good weather, you will enjoy a lakeside picnic including sandwiches, vegetables, and fruit.

You will also view the fabulous scenery of Karuola Glacier, one of the top three continental glaciers in Tibet. When you arrive at Gyantse, visit Palcho Monastery.

Stay overnight in Shigatse.

everest base camp trek. (5)(001)

everest base camp trek. (1)(001)

DAY 5:Shigatse – Tingri (4,300 Meters): Tashilunpo Monastery

Visit Tashilunpo Monastery and drive all the way to Tingri. The journey from Shigatse to Tingri takes about 4½ hours by car but you will not get bored; there are stunning views along the way.

Have a good night and be ready for Mt. Everest Base Camp tomorrow.

Optional itinerary

If you want to see the stunning sunset at Mt. Everest, and you are used to the high altitude and ready to accept the poor environment, we recommend you spend the night at Mt. Everest Base Camp.

Drive for 4 hours from Tingri and the altitude will reach 5,200 meters. The oxygen in the air is only half as much as in the flatlands, and the accommodation is poor there.

You can choose to stay in a tent or a guesthouse, but they don't have any air-conditioning, private toilets, or showers; only basic bunk beds are provided.

DAY 6:Tingri – Shigatse: Mt. Everest Base Camp (5,200 Meters), Rongbuk Monastery

After breakfast in your hotel, you will take a 4-hour trip towards the roof of the world. Driving along the zigzagging road, you will have many chances to take photos of the Himalayas.

When you reach Mt. Everest Base Camp, you'll see Mt. Everest right there in front of you. With a feeling of excitement and accomplishment, you'll find it's truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience; unless of course you return one day to climb the mountain.

Visit Rongbuk Monastery near the base, and see the hard life of the monks and nuns there. Take dramatic photos from different angles at Rongbuk Monastery.

After visiting the monastery, you will be driven back to Shigatse.

DAY 7:Shigatse – Lhasa

After breakfast in your hotel, you will be driven back to Lhasa. The journey takes about 6 hours but there is marvelous scenery on the way. You'll travel along the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon. You'll see plateau lakes, rivers, snowy mountains, and traditional Tibetan villages. Your guide will know some interesting stops.

DAY 8:Depart Lhasa

Your guide and driver will take you to Lhasa's airport or train station on time for your departure and will escort you to the correct security gate. Relax and leave any hassles to your tour team.

everest base camp trek. (4)(001)

Trip Notes

1. Tibet Travel Permit

You will need a Tibet Entry Permit. Its cost is included in the tour quotation. Send your passport and China visa copies to us 20 days in advance, and we will apply for your permit once you book a Tibetan tour with us.

In our experience, we can virtually guarantee to get your permit during times when Tibet is open to foreign travelers.

2. Altitude Sickness

Before your trip, ask your doctor for any suggestions in relation to altitude sickness and take some medicine with you, just in case. The most popular altitude medicine among foreigners is Acetazolamide/Diamox.

We recommend that during the first 2 days after arriving in Tibet, you should keep warm, avoid taking a bath, and refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol.

Drink plenty of water (more than 4 liters per day) before you go out and when you have reached a higher altitude, and eat lots of vegetables and carbohydrates. Slow down, even if you feel energetic. Moving slowly is the best way to avoid altitude sickness.

If you don't feel well after entering Tibet, go and see a doctor as soon as possible. There are doctors in major hotels in Lhasa, and you can call your tour guide for help at any time. We offer a free oxygen bag in the car.


Our English-speaking guides are natives of Tibet with good knowledge of Tibetan culture, history, and Buddhism. They are trained to offer a Western standard of service.

Customizing the Tour — According to Your Needs

This tour is very flexible. You can alter the itinerary, extending or shortening it to suit your price, interests, and schedule.

Our service includes

Our 1-to-1 expert China consultancy with unlimited itinerary changes

Booking of China internal flights, trains, and cruises, per your preferences

Your own China-Highlights-trained, versatile and knowledgeable tour guide (per city)

Your own chauffeured and comfortable vehicle, chosen for ample space

Hand-picking of hotels for your requirements

Hotel breakfasts arranged, and local restaurant lunches ordered, to suit you

Entry to all attractions on your itinerary, with queues avoided wherever possible

Our 24-7 helpline for while you are travelling